Treaty of Union

First Normans land in Ireland

Norse settle in Ireland

Norse driven from Dublin

Norse resettle Dublin

Barbarian Conspiracy of 367

Battle of Bannockburn

Battle of Bosworth

Battle of Degsastan

Battle of Druim Dearg

Battle of Harlaw

Battle of Hingston Down

Battle of Alesia

Battle of Badon

Battle of Ballon

Battle of Bibracte

Battle of Clontarf

Battle of Cnoc na nOs

Battle of Deorham

Battle of Kinsale

Battle of Mag Roth

Battle of Móin Dairi Lothair

Battle of Renfrew

Black Death (1st)

Black Death (2nd)

Black Death (3rd)

Bruce campaign in Ireland

Caesar’s 1st Invasion of Britain

Caesar’s 2nd Invasion of Britain

Clann Eòin Mhóir in Antrim

Columba Settles Iona

Convention of Druim Cet

Death of Margaret of Scotland

First eisteddfod

English Reformation Begins

Flight of the Earls

Inauguration of David I of Scotland

Iona relics relocated

Kingdom of Ireland

Laws in Wales Act 1536

Lordship of Isles Forfeit

Rebellion of Silken Thomas

Scottish War of Independence (1st)

Statues of Kilkenny

Statute of Rhuddlan enacted

Statutes of Iona

Saint Augustine Mission

Synod of Cashel

Synod of Whitby

Treaty of Perth

Treaty of Verger

Union of the Crowns

Viking Attack on Lindisfarne

Wars of Three Kingdoms

1402 Welsh Penal Laws

Welsh Revolts