Text: Land Grant in Book of Durrow

An Irish scribe who identified himself as “Flannchadh Úa Éolais” inscribed the following grant into the Book of Durrow in the late 11th century. St. Comgan, who was of the people of Dál Cais, died no later than 570 and was the founder of the monastery at Glenn Uissen. The location of Ednán is not clear.

The following text was adapted by Michael Newton from the edition in R. I. Best, “An Early Monastic Grant.”

Comgan and Colum Cille were in great harmony with one another. Comgan, therefore, gave a chapel to Colum Cille [and it was left] abandoned for a long time without being claimed by Colum Cille’s followers, namely the community of Darrow. Then the community of Darrow came with their abbot and priest to claim the chapel, and these are their names: Gilla na Nóem Úa hÉnluáin, who was the abbot, and Gilla Adamnáin Úa Cortén, who was the priest. There were many others with them.

They did not get their own chapel then because it had been given to the people of Dál Cais. So this is what the community of Glenn Uissen [of the Dál Cais] did: they gave an equal area of land, in length and breadth, to the community of Darrow, since they were unable to give them back their own land.

It was the estate of Ednán that was given to them [the community of Darrow], rather than the estate that was promised to them, and the dignitaries of the community of Glenn Uissen acted as guarantors to them, from the superior, Cathasach Úa Corcráin, down.

These are the names of the sureties themselves: the scholar Dublitir Úa hÚadgaile; Dunchad Úa hÚadgaile; Saírgal Úa Suibne and his son Saírbrethach; Artgal Mac Culinnáin and his brothers; Mael Choluim Mac Cortáin and his brothers; and Amalgaid Úa hAirudain and his brothers.

This was arranged during the time of Muiredach son of Mac Cormáin and of Muirchertach Úa Briain, king of Ireland. [May there be] a blessing on those who gave it and to whom it was given.

Written by Flannchad Úa Éolais

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