Text: Annales Cambriae

The Welsh chronicles known as Annales Cambriaę, written in Latin, survive in manuscripts from the thirteenth century and are written in parallel columns. Kathleen Hughes has suggested that they were begun in the late 8th century and that not long afterwards materials from Irish annals and other sources were added.

AC537: The Action of Camlann, in which Arthur and Medraut fell. And there was a plague in Britain and Ireland.
AC547: A great plague in which Maelgwn, King of Gwynedd, dies.
AC570: Gildas dies.
AC580: Gwrgi and Peredur die.
AC584: The war against the Isle of Man and the burial of Daniel of the Bangors. AC601: Bishop David dies.
AC612: The deaths of Kentigern and Bishop Dibric.
AC613: The Action of Chester; Selyf son of Cynan fell asleep.
AC626: Rhun son of Urien baptizes Edwin.
AC629: King Cadwallon lays siege to the island of Glannog.
AC631: Cadwallon falls at the Battle of Cantscaul [Hexham].
AC632: The slaughter of the Severn and the death of Iudris.
AC645: The invasion of Dyfed (Wales), when the monastery of David was burnt.
AC657: The slaying of Penda.
AC658: Oswiu came and raided.
AC665: Easter is celebrated for the first time among the Saxons. The second Battle of Badon.
AC669: Oswiu, king of the Saxons, dies.
AC682: A great plague in Britain, in which Cadwaladr, son of Cadwallon, died.
AC722: Beli son of Elfin dies. The Battle of Hehil amongst the Cornish; the Action of Gart mailauc;
the Battle of Pencon amongst the southern Britons. The Britons won all three of these battles.
AC750: A battle between the Picts and Britons called the Action of Mocetauc. Their king Talargan is
slain by the Britons. Teudubr son of Beli dies.
AC754: Rhodri, king of the Britons, dies.
AC768: Easter is changed amongst the Britons by Elbodugus, a man of God.
AC778: Offa devastates the southern Britons.
AC784: Offa devastates the Britons in the summer.
AC795: The first arrival of the pagans [i.e., Vikings] in southern Ireland.
AC796: Offa, king of the Mercians, and Maredudd, king of the people of Dyfed, died. Also, the Battle
of Rhuddlan happened.
AC798: Caradog, King of Gwynedd, is killed by Saxons.
AC813. War between Howel and Cynan. Howel was victorious.
AC822: Degannwy was destroyed by the Saxons and they took the region of Powys for themselves. AC848: Ithael, king of Gwent, was slain by the men of Brycheiniog.
AC849: Meurig was slain by the Saxons.
AC850: Cinnen was killed by the pagans.
AC853: Anglesey was devastated by the black(-haired) pagans.
AC854: Cyngen, king of Powys, died in Rome.
AC856: Cenioyth [CG: Cináed], king of the Picts, died.
AC866: The Battle with the Black(-haired) Pagans: York was devastated.
AC870: Alt Clut [Dumbarton] was sieged by the pagans.
AC875: Dungarth, king of Cornwall, was drowned.
AC877: Rhodri and his son Gwriad were killed by the Saxons.
AC885: Howel died in Rome.
AC895: The Northmen came and devastated Loycr [unknown site in England], Brycheiniog, Gwent
and Gwynllywiog.
AC928: King Hywel Dda went to Rome. AC950: Hywel, king of the Britons, died.

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