1616 Education Act, Scottish Privy Council

The following is an act passed by the Scottish Privy Council in 1616 which was meant to reinforce some of the intentions of the Statutes of Iona (the spelling has been modernized).

Forasmuch as the King’s Majesty, having a special care and regard that the true religion be advanced and established in all the parts of this Kingdom, and that all his Majesty’s subjects, especially the youth, be exercised and trained up in civility, godliness, knowledge, and learning, that the vernacular English tongue be universally planted, and the Irish language [i.e., Gaelic], which is one of the chief and principal causes of the continuance of the barbarity and incivility amongst the inhabitants of the Isles and Highlands, may be abolished and removed; and whereas there is no measure more powerful to further his Majesty’s principal regard and purpose than the establishing of schools in the particular parishes of this kingdom where the youth may be taught at least to write and read, and be catechised and instructed in the grounds of religion.